The corporate and commercial business with its high requirements for tailored solutions is more exposed to competing goals like customer orientation, cost optimization, high quality production, compliance and process security. The balancing act to cover the span among these diverging goals is truly difficult. With «UNIVERSAL Insurance» it’s possible!

«UNIVERSAL Insurance» enables you to produce fast, customer-oriented policies without quality reduction. Profitability increases due to low development costs. New, innovative products can be rapidly built. Products are customizable according to the needs of your clients. Different user groups, like Underwriters, Agents, Broker, Clients, are able to work with «UNIVERSAL Insurance» without deeper knowledge.

«UNIVERSAL Insurance» covers the requirements of an internationally operating insurance company with major clients as well as the selective requirements of a local insurance company with its portfolio of small and medium-sized companies. This is only possible with the special UNIVERSAL-Technology.

UNIVERSAL Insurance allows you to:

  • Define your insurance products, rules and processes; UNIVERSAL Insurance generates automatically the user screens to enter the data as well as the documents.
  • Issue quotes, proposals, contracts, amendments etc. through agents, underwriters, brokers or customers. Depending on the user group, UNIVERSAL Insurance generates optimized screens
  • Define the degree of freedom precisely per group
  • Generate simple und complex documents and document sets easily. The following techniques are available: Print on paper, electronic document in PDF Format, ePDF / Acroforms to enter some data directly on the PC, e-mail generated by UNIVERSAL Insurance with or without attachment, Fax, XML File
  • Administer different business transactions like amendments, reimbursement / replacement, suspension, reinstatement, etc. The system controls and stores the whole process and does the versioning for the end user. The traceability and compliance are granted
  • Control the workflow: issuing orders via mail-box and monitoring them by the system
  • Archive the documents without human interaction in an e-archive and retrieve them easily
  • Produce management reports
  • Send data to Host-Systems (synchronal and asynchronous ) or receive data from third systems
  • Cover a very wide spectrum of requirements that a state-of-the-art web-base solution should fulfill