Compliance, Compliance....Compliance

«UNIVERSAL Banking» is a solution that helps to relieve the executive staff and the employees.

Rules and Regulations and internal instructions have increased. How is it still possible to have full control over all the compliance rules? With «UNIVERSAL Banking»!

High volume transactions like Payment-, Security- and Forex-Transactions are highly structured and therefore relatively simple to control. But individual processes, consulting or individual correspondence are barely controllable by a system. «UNIVERSAL Banking» as a solution allows control of unstructured or largely uncontrollable processes.

The relationship manager’s promises delivers an audit trail. If a compliance rule has not been observed, an escalation procedure is initiated. The workflow feature in «UNIVERSAL Banking» takes control over the dedicated business transaction. A specific department / person has to approve the business transaction.

In addition to the surveillance of the processes «UNIVERSAL Banking» brings a new feature to support the relationship manager

«UNIVERSAL Banking» supports the relationship manager by suggesting an optimized basket of products: credit and investment products and services etc. This system support process is based on a detailed customer profile (KYC, Know your customer) that covers all relevant aspects.

Based on the KYC Profile Universal Banking doesn’t present certain products and services. The range for choosing products and services is restricted. You don’t have to check in retrospect that something is not according to rules. You can avoid making mistakes.

«UNIVERSAL Banking» records the recommendations and decisions in an auditable form.

With «UNIVERSAL Banking» you get an instrument to

  • supervise rules and regulations and promises and recommendations without restricting the degree of freedom for relationship managers
  • restrict the necessary part of products and services which are not optimal or not allowed according to regulations
  • produce management reports
  • exchange data with existing applications
  • cover a broad requirement spectrum needed for a state-of-the-art and web-based solution

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