PRODUCT overview

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UNIVERSAL Enterprise Solution

With «UNIVERSAL Enterprise Solution» Consor provides a comprehensive platform to design business objects, processes, rules, interfaces, screen-layouts and document-layouts. All modeled elements can be executed within seconds. A complete application can be designed and executed.

«UNIVERSAL Enterprise Solution» is an all-embracing next generation tool for business-object and business process oriented application development and execution.

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VISUAL INTERFACE - Interface Management for the IT Department

In larger companies with a broad IT environment hundreds of interfaces are established. Especially for global testing or analyzing bugs, it’s important and efficient to know the responsible applications for a dedicated interface and to understand the correlations and interdependencies among the different applications at a glance.

With «VISUAL INTERFACE» Consor provides a solution for the IT department to administer interfaces with responsible persons, with descriptions and allows for the understanding of complex interrelations among different systems and system parts. The interdependencies are shown graphically.

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DIEGO - Global Repository

The Master Data Management or Central Data Management is the core functionality of our product «DIEGO». There are cross-reference reports about programs, data fields, modules, etc. and for the IT staff it’s easier with «DIEGO» to understand the complete IT systems.

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KLSR - Claims Accruals

To calculate claims accruals complex algorithm are used. Consor provides the product «KLSR» to calculate these amounts. All relevant intermediate results are shown if necessary. Especially if a company (insurant) changes from one insurance company to another insurance company, all necessary documents with calculated amounts can be produced.