UNIVERSAL Insurance - Declarations & Certificates

Web-based communication between corporation and the insurance company

«UNIVERSAL Insurance» provides a very efficient, comprehensive and easy to implement communication between the two companies. Even if the Corporation doesn't have an IT Solution, both sides can profit from a faster and more secure data exchange and a faster production of necessary documents and premium calculation etc.

UNIVERSAL Insurance allows bi-directional data exchange between two companies in a common and not difficult way

Different technologies are available:

1. Transfer of Declaration Data in an XML format

This is the optimal option for a company with an IT Solution and if the company has several declarations per week. If reaction time is important, this option is also an excellent choice, because certificates are produced quickly.

2. Data Entry web-bases in HTML Format

«UNIVERSAL Insurance» provides automatically an HTML Screen appropriate to your insurance product. That means, your customer enters the data himself. Documents and premium calculation are ready within seconds. Documents can be presented on the screen or can be automatically attached and sent to the customer site.

3. Data Entry in iPDF (interactive/intelligent PDF Document/Form)

The document/form is opened in Acrobat Reader (or Acrobat Writer or Foxit Reader). The client enters the data. The data is sent with a click to the UNIVERSAL-Server.

If limits are exceeded the workflow generates an escalation so that the responsible user has to decide about that case. All transactions run in a secure and protected area. The data access is secure. All transactions are stored in the database.