A success story for more than 30 years

At Consor creativity and innovation have been a hallmark ever since the company was founded. Since 1979 qualitatively outstanding and at the same time forward looking solutions have been offered. One year into the life of Consor a research project on software architecture was started and an independent layer utilizing message queues was developed with the objective of communication among the individual components. The result was a dramatic cost reduction in development, transactions and maintenance. It took eight years for competitors to develop similar technologies. Subsequently total solutions for foreign exchange and payment services were made available in the market for banks. In the field of risk management effective real-time monitoring systems were developed, including valuation of interest-, foreign exchange-, country- and counterparty risk.

In 1987 we started the use of re-usable components in the mainframe environment and a year later a gateway communication interface with networks such as SWIFT and SIC was successfully delivered to the market. In the first half of the nineties client/server applications in the infrastructure sector, methodologies and tools for reengineering as well as value-at-risk solutions based on mathematical models defined by the Basle Committee on Banking Supervision were launched in the market.

A next phase saw the development of a framework for project-risk assessment and controlling, repository solutions for client/server basis, data-mart solutions for management info-systems, e-commerce and web applications with short payback periods. Experience in the execution of large-scale projects is part of our core competencies, because in key areas of technology and software development and implementation clients have a call on crucial expert knowledge and professional resources.

On basis of all these experiences we developed our Universal Enterprise Solutions -- from the viewpoint of the customer being an absolute unique standard application.